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Upcoming Events

All our events are listing on Center Center. You can find all our church events at this link here

Below are some of our upcoming 3G events

3G Annual Fireworks Fundraiser

Calling All 3G Students, Leaders and Parents! 

Fireworks Season is coming soon and we need your help!! We will only have 1 location this year which will be our main tent at FWC!

This is our BIGGEST Fundraiser! We NEED everyone to sign up for a shift or two! 

Here's some things to keep in mind:

Junior High Students are only eligible to sign up for the 2-6pm shifts. They are only allowed for one shift per day.

High School Students are eligible for multiple shifts (unless doing nights). 

High School/College Boys - We encourage you to do as many night shifts as you can!!! It's gonna be epic! Sorry Girls, boys only zone!


Click above to go to the registration page

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