Catalyst Winter Camp

January 28th - 30th

As we are making final preparations for camp, we ask any camp attendee with special dietary needs and all students with prescription medication please click on the links and fill out the form so we can prepare the medical and kitchen staffs while at camp.


Special Dietary Needs Form

Catalyst Camper Medication Form

Welcome to Catalyst Winter Camp 2022!
After having one year off due to COVID, we are TOTALLY excited to be BACK this year and it is going to be amazing!  This year, we will be back at the Creekside Campus, which is their newest facility and is much like Canyon in what it offers! Most everything will be the same as in Canyon, with just a few twists to the activities and free time.  Creekside offers Octoball, Basketball, Archery Tag (yes, with bows and arrows with nerf at the ends), Adventure Challenge Course (somewhat like a ropes course and VERY COOL!!!), Miniature Golf, Boulder Climbing (Instead of Rock Walls), Outdoor Volleyball, Outdoor Disc Golf, Concessions and more!  There is PLENTY for students to get involved with to have a ton of fun! 
If you are new to Catalyst, you may ask what is the vision behind Catalyst Winter Camp or even what is a catalyst? A catalyst is simply an agent or element of change. As Pastors & Youth Pastors/Youth Leaders, we know that Jesus is the catalyst. Our desire is to see students allow Christ to be the catalyst in their lives and by doing so, they will then allow Him to be the Catalyst in their schools and homes. Sounds simple? It is. Sounds Powerful? He is.
We are all familiar with the passage from Romans 12:2 (KJV) “Be ye not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed…” Every year the level of evil that is in this world increases in a shocking rate.  Jesus is coming and we understand and realize more than ever that this world is in desperate need of a change. So, let’s imagine a movement of students united for Christ impacting the world around them. How many lives would be changed? How many would step up? How many schools and homes would be transformed?
As you begin to prepare for this incredible weekend, and even throughout Catalyst 2022, we ask that you please make prayer a priority.

Thank you in advance for touching and changing lives, because you most certainly do and will!! We couldn’t have camp without you! Come EXPECTING, ANTICIPATING, EXCITED and READY for CATALYST!

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Micah MacDonald and his wife Steph founded Mac Ministries and are ALL ABOUT THE GO! God has ordered their steps as they preach and lead worship all over the country and the world. For the last three years, they have been ministering to thousands as God has opened every door. They love partnering with church leaders and help equip/build into the region and place with what God is already doing there.


We will be in Creekside again this year.

When camp begins registration will be at the Outpost. The person(s) in charge will need to check in to receive registration packets and room assignments

Housing buildings are Ashwood, Badger Creek, Coyote Hills, Donnybrook and Eagle Ridge

Our sessions will be held in the Bonanza Club Room.

Meals will be at the Muddy Station Dining hall. The side of Muddy Station has the Medical Station. 

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Individual Registration

Early bird: $140 Leader/ $140 Student (Non-refundable $40 deposit) by December 12th

Late: $150 Leader / $150 Student (Non-refundable $40 deposit) by January 19th

Kitchen Volunteers come Free! 

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Group Registration

Early bird: $140 Leader/ $140 Student (Non-refundable $40 deposit) by December 12th
Late: $150 Leader / $150 Student (Non-refundable $40 deposit) by January 19th

Kitchen Volunteers come Free! 
--We ask for you to have 1 kitchen volunteer for every 10 people you bring

To register: the Pastor/Leader/Church Representative must create an account. Then follow and complete the steps to register and proceed to payments. 

Please contact with any registration questions. 

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