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Tribes are our small group gatherings to discuss the application of that night's message to their lives.

We currently have seven tribes that are formed by grades.

Pastor Joe & Andrea Franco

High School Seniors & College

Tribe Name: Ninja Turtles

Tribe Color: Green

Jake Santangelo and Sandy Davis

11th Grade

Tribe Name: Giant Slayers

Tribe Color: Blue

Andy Matus

10th Grade

Tribe Name: Fuata Mungu

Tribe Color: Red

Sarah & Billy Smith

9th Grade

Tribe Name: Jesus Walkers

Tribe Color: Yellow

Vikki Casey and Gary Harding

8th Grade

Tribe Name: Sunny Dzz

Tribe Color: Black

Jane Hays

7th Grade

Tribe Name: Purple Ninjas 

Tribe Color: Purple

Rosanne Johnson and Becky Olsen

5th - 6th Grades

Tribe Name: Lil Toughies

Tribe Color: Pink